Style Makeover!

Over the weekend I did it, I purged. I had a closed jammed packed full of clothes and “nothing to wear”. Crazy, right? It happens to all of us, we hang on to old, out of style, ill fitting garments like they are long lost friends. Problem is you have your 10-15 go to outfits that you wear to death. In my professional opinion a closet purge needs to happen at least every 3 years if not yearly. As we age and our lifestyle changes we need to reevaluate what we put on our backs on a daily basis.

Have you ever thought about hiring a professional like myself to help you navigate through the process? A Salon Eileen style makeover will transform your wardrobe. The first step is a lifestyle questionnaire and discussion pinpointing the goals and strategic plan of the makeover. Step two can be a home visit with me where we edit the closed and rid you of the tired clothes and work with your existing great pieces to develop a basic capsule wardrobe. The third step is the shopping trip where I help you find the most flattering new items to work with your existing pieces of clothing. It’s a fun and rewarding process, I guarantee you will feel and look transformed.

My fees for this service are an hourly rate which can be customize to suit your budget. The advantage of hiring a professional is it will save you a lot of time, most ladies valuable commodity, deter the unnecessary spending on unflattering items,  and create a cohesive wardrobe.

Our society in general has become way to casual and sloppy. The lines of appropriate attire for work and social events are going by the wayside. I feel it is important to remember your a woman first and you deserve to pretty. I makes you feel better about yourself. Every woman wants to be a “pretty girl” do it for yourself, your husband, your kids, your career.  Please call me at 716-639-0270 to schedule a consultation and get ready to be transformed. Peace, Eileen

Is it time to update your wardrobe.

Is it time to update your wardrobe.

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