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Hair and Make-up Transformations!

One of the best parts of being a cosmetologist is making your guests look and feel beautiful. This guest is very pretty, but she was bored with her hair and make-up. I am so glad she chose me to help her. She found my salon on the internet and was impressed with all the great reviews online. We had a wonderful afternoon together and the transformation was incredible. Please call me at 716-639-0270 to schedule your personal transformation!  Peace, Eileen

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The wavy Bob haircut is a very popular haircut for spring 2015. Actress, singers and other fashionable ladies are sporting this fantastic haircut. The wavy bob works on most hair types and thickness. Blondes, brunettes and redheads can wear this haircut flawlessly. It’s a fairly easy haircut to style.   I am loving this chic style. Call for an appointment at 716-639-0270 to update your look for spring 2015. Salon Eileen specializes in makeovers for all clients including hair, make-up and wardrobe styling. Look and feel great about yourself and exude confidence. I can help enhance all areas of you life. Peace, Eileen

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Neutral eye Make-up

Try some new neutral colors on your eyes this summer while you have your tan going.  Look for collections that include beautiful browns, grey and pinks finish with a bolder lip and you will look flawless. Salon Eileen specializes in makeovers, we can help you with hair cuts and color, eyebrow shaping, make-up and clothing including editing your closet and shopping for clothes. Please give us a call at 716-639-0270 for an appointment. Peace, Eileen

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Feburary Specials on haircolor, waxing, men’s haircuts and highlighting.

I don’t know about you but I sure needed a winter pick me up. A few days ago my skin was parched, hair looked terrible, needed a mani/pedi, needless to say, it wasn’t pretty. I got my hair colored and cut, nails done with some really cool leopard nail stickers, eyebrows waxed, gave my self a facial and hydrating mask and spent a couple of hours relaxing. I feel so much better!!!!! So I thought I would run a couple of specials just in case you were thinking the same thing. This month get make-up or skincare products on sale, professional hair care products, face framing highlights, color glazes, eyebrow waxes, and conditioning treatments ALL on Special. I am pleased to announce that we will be carrying a fantastic organic new product line called ABBA. The products are botanical based, vegan, sulfate free, gluten free, they smell wonderful and leave hair conditioned, health and shiny. I a so excited. For COUPONS visit my mobile website at and call to schedule your “winter pick me up” appointment at 716-639-0270. Peace, Eileen

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Style Makeovers

Sometimes we get a little bored with how we look. A professional style makeover is a great way to update your appearance and boost confidence. It’s really pretty simple and fun. Book a consultation at Salon Eileen and we will meet with you for free. We ask you about your lifestyle and budget and develop a plan customized just for you. It can include hair and make up, eyebrow shaping, clothing options, whatever works for you. The fall is a great time to explore some new styles and change it up a bit. Call us at 716-639-0270 for a FREE makeover consultation. Peace, Eileen

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Holiday Make-up Looks

  The holidays are a great time to update your make-up and try some new techniques. One of my favorite trends this year is the red lip. It’s easy to do and looks sexy and glamorous. If your skin tone is warm red orange shades look best try Mango Tango Lip Gloss by Mary Kay, a really pretty red orange color. If your skin tone is cool true reds like Rockin’ Red or Red passion Lip Gloss by Mary Kay are great choices. First exfoliate your lips with a gritty scrub to remove dry skin. Try Satin Lips mask by Mary Kay to smooth and hydrate. When your doing your make-up use a little of your liquid foundation on your lips to set the color. Line your lips and fill them in with a red pencil and finish with gloss, clean up the edges with a “Q” tip if you went outside the lines. Remember to keep the rest of your make-up soft and neutral so your lips stand out and become the focus, too much color on the rest of your face distracts the eye and can end up looking like a “clown face”. At the salon we offer a special promotion for party hair and make up starting at $45. It takes about an hour and your will look polished and glamorous. Call us at 716-639-0270 to schedule a time. Happy Holidays, Eileen  

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Style Makeover at Salon Eileen

So I am starting to get excited about spring being around the corner and switching my wardrobe over to warmer weather clothes, how about you? I love editing my closet, it gives me the opportunity to retire worn out items, clean and store winter boots and coats and look at my clothes with a fresh approach. On Monday March 12th @ 6:00 pm learn “How to update your wardrobe for Spring”, a FUN and FREE salon workshop just for you. I will teach you about upcoming trends for spring and summer 2012 and how to make them work on a budget. The workshop will last about and hour and I will show you hair, make-up and clothing styles so you can look your best. Please call Salon Eileen @ 716-639-0270 to reserve a spot or reply on @ the Events section for an invite.

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A new year and a new you

Now is a great time to find some inspiration photos and make a new you. I like to find pictures in magazines or the internet of people who have great style that I want to emulate. Next, go through you closet and get rid of ill fitting or out of date items. Make a list of the great stuff you already own, so you don’t buy another pair a black pants because they are a good price. Once you have some current, stylist items put together some outfits and take a few photos so it’s easy to get dressed. It takes a couple of weeks to get the hang of a new look, so be patient. Make an appointment with a good stylist and bring in pictures. Get them involved in the process of your new look and ask for suggestions for hair cuts, color and make-up. Salons slow down a little after the holidays so we have a little extra time to spend with you. Most of all have fun! Suprise your family, friends and co-workers with a whole new style. Good luck, feel free to leave a comment or give me a call if you need some professional help.

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Happy Holidays! Let’s look great.

As the holidays approach I always want to look my best for work, parties, shopping and entertaining friends and family. It’s hard because I’m busy, so over the years I have developed some tricks to look my best this time of the year and I wanted to share them with you. On the weekend I get some outfits ready ahead of time for the week. I press my clothes and hang my accessories on the hanger with the outfits so I can get dressed in a hurry and be on my way. If I have a party or event I take my clothes to the cleaner early so I’m not last minute and stressed. I like to shower early and do a basic make-up face, foundation, blush, lip gloss and mascara. In my purse I carry a bronzer and fluffy brush, this can be used for blush and powder later in the day when I feel pale and need to freshen up. A small compact of 2 shimmer eyeshadows, one light and one medium or dark, is all you need to glam up your eyes for a night out. A creamy lipstick in a beautiful color finishes this flawless look. Hair can be freshened up with a cute headband and some volume hairspray tucked into your purse. I’ve noticed so many cute headbands in the stores lately, get one for an instant update. They look great in all lengths of hair. If you have long hair, pull it back in … Continue reading

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Why did I start a blog?

Eileen Sadowski

I was thinking about why I wanted to do a blog on my website and a few things came to mind. First and foremost, I wanted to give readers really great beauty and fashion tips and advice. I have 30 years of experience in my profession and have lots of good things to share. Every person has attractive things about them, a beautiful smile, great teeth, long legs, smooth skin, there is always something special and positive to accentuate. ‘ The other reason to start a blog is to empower people to look and feel good about themselves and the way they look. I am looking forward to sharing my experiences with you, starting a dialogue with my readers, having a couple of laughs together and sharing my knowledge and expertise with you. Continue reading

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