Feburary Specials on haircolor, waxing, men’s haircuts and highlighting.

I don’t know about you but I sure needed a winter pick me up. A few days ago my skin was parched, hair looked terrible, needed a mani/pedi, needless to say, it wasn’t pretty. I got my hair colored and cut, nails done with some really cool leopard nail stickers, eyebrows waxed, gave my self a facial and hydrating mask and spent a couple of hours relaxing. I feel so much better!!!!! So I thought I would run a couple of specials just in case you were thinking the same thing. This month get make-up or skincare products on sale, professional hair care products, face framing highlights, color glazes, eyebrow waxes, and conditioning treatments ALL on Special. I am pleased to announce that we will be carrying a fantastic organic new product line called ABBA. The products are botanical based, vegan, sulfate free, gluten free, they smell wonderful and leave hair conditioned, health and shiny. I a so excited.

For COUPONS visit my mobile website at www.saloneileen.com/mobile. and call to schedule your “winter pick me up” appointment at 716-639-0270.

Peace, Eileen


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Deep Conditioning Treatments

It’s important to do an occasional deep conditioning treatment on your hair. Winter cold and forced heat indoors, dries out your hair and scalp. Many of my clients complain of itchy scalp and static, dry hair. One of my favorite products is Macadamia Deep Repair Masque, it is a rich, thick formula containing argan and macadamia oils. I also love the Kenra Deep Treatment Masque, it works well on colored or highlighted hair.

Our deep conditioning treatments are $15.00. We clarify your hair first to remove product build up, or if you have an itchy scalp, I use a dandruff treatment shampoo. Next we towel dry your hair so the product is fully absorbed, a generous amount of product is applied, and you sit under a warm, comfortable dryer for up to 20 min. Your hair is rinsed and styled. My customers are amazed at how much better their hair and scalp feels and looks. No more dry flaky skin, static is gone and the cuticle of the hair looks soft and shiny again. We recommend treatments once or twice a month. So show your hair some love and restore softness and manageability to your tresses.

Peace, Eileen

Healthy, shiny hair restored.

Healthy, shiny hair restored.

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Blowouts and Up-do’s

"The Chippewa" a soft style with loose curls.

“The Chippewa” a soft style with loose curls.

"The Elmwood" an edgy, sassy style.

“The Elmwood” an edgy, sassy style.

The last few months we have been really busy with wedding parties and special occasion styles. Recently we have started to create some signature styles named after our WNY heritage. “The Falls” is a half up half down style with big soft curls. “Sunset Bay” is a sexy, beachy look of loose waves. “The Delaware” is a straight sleek style, smooth and shiny. “Southern Tier” is big hair with lot’s of volume.  So if your looking for a salon that styles hair great  for special occasions, give us a call at 716-639-0270. We would love to have you as our guest. Peace Eileen

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Style Makeovers

Treat yourself to a style makeover.

Treat yourself to a style makeover.

Sometimes we get a little bored with how we look. A professional style makeover is a great way to update your appearance and boost confidence. It’s really pretty simple and fun. Book a consultation at Salon Eileen and we will meet with you for free. We ask you about your lifestyle and budget and develop a plan customized just for you. It can include hair and make up, eyebrow shaping, clothing options, whatever works for you. The fall is a great time to explore some new styles and change it up a bit. Call us at 716-639-0270 for a FREE makeover consultation. Peace, Eileen

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Ombre Hair Color

images[1]If the summer sun has made your ends fade and your hair looks dry try an Ombre Hair color. This technique is a great way to keep your ends light and the roots darker for a “grown out” look. At Salon Eileen we love this look, it’s very modern and on trend. So keep the summer in your hair a little longer and try an Ombre. Call us at 716-639-0270 to schedule an appointment.

Peace, Eileen

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Wedding Styles and Up-do’s

Beautiful for a Bride.

Beautiful for a Bride.

Over this past weekend I went to the home of one of my clients and styled her hair, the maid of honor, 2 flower girls and her stepmother for her evening wedding. The ladies were beautiful and classy. The bride wanted a vintage inspired up-do, maid of honor a classic twist with a modern feel and the flower girls, french braids of to different styles. If you have a formal event or wedding coming up we can bring a team to your home or host you at Salon Eileen for hair and make up. We specialize in formal hair styles and can help you look your very best for your special day. Call us at 716- 639-0270 or email me at Eileen@saloneileen.com.

Peace, Eileen

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Have the look you want with Hair Extensions.

Hair Extension before and after.

Hair Extension before and after.

Have you ever wanted long soft hair? Or hair that’s thicker and easy to style. Hair extensions have come a long way. Clients don’t have to sit in the salon for 5 or 6 hours any more thanks to new technology and better quality products. In about an hour or 2 you can have the hair you want. We do several methods of extensions including the newest tape in, keratin fusion and I tip extensions. Our Babe brand extensions are the highest quality Remy hair extensions available. The last up to six months and can be shampooed, blow dried, curled, straightened just like your own hair. We are experts at blending and cutting so no one will be able to tell you have hair extensions. Call or stop be for a FREE consultation and learn more so you can have the beautiful hair you’ve always wanted.

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Holiday Make-up Looks

Treat yourself to a style makeover.

Treat yourself to a style makeover.


The holidays are a great time to update your make-up and try
some new techniques. One of my favorite trends this year is the red lip. It’s
easy to do and looks sexy and glamorous. If your skin tone is warm red orange
shades look best try Mango Tango Lip Gloss by Mary Kay, a really pretty red
orange color. If your skin tone is cool true reds like Rockin’ Red or Red
passion Lip Gloss by Mary Kay are great choices. First exfoliate your lips with
a gritty scrub to remove dry skin. Try Satin Lips mask by Mary Kay to smooth
and hydrate. When your doing your make-up use a little of your liquid
foundation on your lips to set the color. Line your lips and fill them in with
a red pencil and finish with gloss, clean up the edges with a “Q” tip if you
went outside the lines. Remember to keep the rest of your make-up soft and
neutral so your lips stand out and become the focus, too much color on the rest
of your face distracts the eye and can end up looking like a “clown face”. At
the salon we offer a special promotion for party hair and make up starting at
$45. It takes about an hour and your will look polished and glamorous. Call us
at 716-639-0270 to schedule a time. Happy Holidays, Eileen


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Fall Brunette Haircolor

This fall darker brunette shades are really in style. If you feel a little stuck in a hair color rut why not go darker and change things up a bit. If your eyes are blue, green or hazel they will really “pop” with a rich dark brown shade.

Jennifer Goodwin looks great.

I love a  wonderful chocolate brown or dark carmel brown shade. It’s easy to do with a demi permanent color product. I love the Wella color touch line, it adds tons of shine to my clients hair, conditions your hair so it feels better than before you colored it. Easy to use and apply, it processes in about 20 minutes and lasts about 20-25 shampoos. I recommend that you use a sulfate free color shampoo like L’anza Color Care shampoo and conditioner. Your color will last a lot longer if you shampoo your hair 2-3 times a week, not everyday. The condition of your hair will improve in about a month if you stop shampooing everyday. If you have trouble with oil, try a dry shampoo like Kenra Dry Shampoo to revive and refresh your style. So if you feel the winds of change blowing through your hair this fall give us a call at Salon Eileen and bring out your dark and sexy inner goddess.  Peace, Eileen.

Megan Fox’s long chocolate tresses.
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Balayage Highlights

These photos represent different types of Balayage highlights for clients with blond or brown hair colors. I love doing this technique it looks so natural and grows out gracefully. Clients who want a low maintenance professional color will love Balayage highlights. Layered haircuts look best with this fun technique, the layers bring out the color more. Hand painting the lightener around the face and through the top of the hair works best. Try this if you have some grown out highlights or want to freshen up your color this fall. Call Salon Eileen at 716-639-0270 to schedule an appointment or come in for a free consultation. Peace, Eileen

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